About us

We are delighted to share thoughts and pictures with you about aging.

We love life.  We hope to live with wellness as we age.  We would enjoy being companions with you on our life journey.  We began this blog by wondering  about aging with vibrancy, beauty, tears, and grace on a sabbatical in Ireland where we studied Celtic Spirituality.  We look forward to conversation with you about our posts.

Patricia is a mother, grandmother, friend, runner, teacher, dancer, lover of music, grant writer, and consultant.  She is a wise woman.  She was the second child born into the family of Tom and Eileen.  She grew up in Elgin, Illinois and moved to northern Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota for her adult years.  She lived in Sarasota, Florida for several years where she taught older adults about physical strength, balance and flexibility in her classes three days a week.  She now lives in Northport, Michigan.

Phil is a father, grandfather, friend, runner, pastor, lover of poetry, and photography.  He is the fourth child born to June and Maran who took he and his brother and two sisters, when he was three, to India where Maran and June were United Methodist missionaries.  Because of his ten years in India, Phil has the rhythms of two cultures in his marrow.  He loves people and stories.  For sixteen years, when he wasn’t working in a church, he worked with hospice.  Phil is pastor at Trinity Church of the United Church of Christ in Northport, Michigan.