It is our task to be a blessing

Three days ago, on the 25th of November, Helena posted this picture of a rainbow over Trinity on her facebook page. Ten days ago the Education and Outreach Ministry talked about the tragedy of terrorism in Paris and we talked about the Belko Peace Lecture for 2016.  Sarah spoke of a David Brooks editorial whereContinue reading “It is our task to be a blessing”

bubbles and beach stones

Patricia and I had the privilege, last Sunday afternoon, of wandering on the beach at Leelanau State Park Lighthouse, all the way on the northern tip of our peninsula in Lake Michigan.  We were delighted by the sun, the shimmer on the water, the magnificent grace of the swans, the history of the lighthouse and itsContinue reading “bubbles and beach stones”

Light and Shadows

Back in early August, I had the privilege of walking the Table Rock Wilderness Trail near Mollala, Oregon, with my grandson, Moses.  On the trail I was captured by the play of light and shadow along the trail.  Among the images I photographed that day was this one of a monarch butterfly on the path amongContinue reading “Light and Shadows”

what prayers persist

In our Thursday AM study group at St. Andrew we are reading Jan Richardson’s wonderful book, In the Sanctuary of Women. Tomorrow we at 10:00 am we will be discussing chapter one. It is about Eve. Jan ponders lots of questions about Eve.  Among them is one something like this:   What prayers persist beneathContinue reading “what prayers persist”

The Lord’s Prayer translated from Aramaic

This past week, Donna Papenhausen introduced me to Neil Douglas-Klotz’s translation of the  Lord’s Prayer from Aramaic. I appreciated it.  Maybe you will too.  We will pray it tomorrow at St. Andrew:   Lords Prayer 
Translation by Neil Douglas-Klotz in Prayers of the Cosmos O Birther! Father- Mother of the Cosmos Focus your light withinContinue reading “The Lord’s Prayer translated from Aramaic”

an adventure in the everglades

2012 was an unusual and awesome year in our lives. Thank you for being part of it through Our new year’s blessing for you continues the theme of this webpage: May 2013 be for you, a year of vibrancy, beauty, tears, and grace.   VIBRANCY In today’s paper, Frank Bruni’s editorial, “This New Year, seekContinue reading “an adventure in the everglades”