Aging in Leelanau County of Michigan

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We are in Northport, Michigan.

There are new labyrinths here too.



God’s love endures

Oh yes it does


even in

the new places

of growing old.

Journey with us to Michigan and beyond as we search for spiritual wells of wellness leading to aging with vibrancy, beauty, and grace.

We hope to continue to identify

wells of resiliency

for aging with vibrancy, beauty, and grace.  

We plan to guide you

to those wells of resiliency


engage your heart/mind/body

in a conversation with your own self, with us, and others

about those wells.

water's swirl - M22 on the way to Northport, MI fro Traverse City - 11-06-2015

We entrust you (and ourselves) to this opportunity for renewal!

May the God of the ages

clear our vision

to see the past,

deepen our wisdom

to find its wellsprings

quicken our thirst

to drink with integrity.

– from J.L. Richardson, “In the Sanctuary of Women”