Celtic form of Christianity

Within the pages of a book, “Mysterious World:  Ireland” Ireland - travel bookpublished in 2006 and written by Ian Middleton & Douglas Elwell is this particular page of words:

The Irish “Celtic” form of Christianity as it evolved in Ireland was unique in that it was both monastic and ruggedly individualistic in character.  It also sought, instead of overruling and controlling, to integrate with the prevailing social, economic, and political structures, thus creating a church that has lasted the centuries and left as its heritage a Christianity that is deeply ingrained into the Irish national character.  In many ways, Irish Christianity represents the most successful branch of Christianity ever to evolve in the Western world.  As Bamford explains in The Voice of the Eagle:  The Heart of Celtic Christianity,

“The Celtic Church stands for a purity, power, and innocence that, at least in Christian history, have never been surpassed – a time when heaven and earth, God and nature, humanity and the cosmos seemed more interdependent and interpenetrated than in other Christian ages.  Everywhere in Celtic Christian Ireland – in the monasteries and hermitages, on the rocky promontories and steep hillsides, in the protected valleys . . . we find a unique ‘holy intimacy’ of the human, the natural and the divine.”

Though Christianity was not the last force to invade Ireland, it was perhaps the single most powerful force for change in Irish history.  And as it had been with the previous invasions, it appears that Christianity also had been sent to Ireland to maintain the primacy of civilization and light over the powers of chaos and evil that were once again threatening to undermine the sanctity of the island of destiny of the West.


It was the powers of chaos and evil at work in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, today that sent a gunman into a Sikh Temple to murder.


I am profoundly saddened.






sigh again





ache again


Let us be people of light in these dark, vitriolic and murderous times!


Perhaps the “unique ‘holy intimacy’ of the human, the natural and divine” will be touched and tasted, heard and seen, by Patricia and me in such a way that we come back to you renewed.

And, perhaps we will be inspired by the purity, power and innocence of the Celtic Church to lead you/us to the light of peace and justice.


Aging ones,

(that would be all of us)

let us become

vibrant, beautiful, people of grace!


May we become a people “interdependent and interpenetrated.”


And . . . so it is I pray:

Through this night, O God,

may your rest be with the weary,

may your solace be with the brokenhearted,

may your healing be with the ill,

may your peace be with the troubled,

may your justice be with the oppressed.





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