gotta love the New Yorker cartoons

So, this morning I sat at the breakfast table and wrote the blog about aging and how we were going to go to the National Museum of Ireland a learn about life 6000 years ago.  One of today’s cartoons for the New Yorker was this one:

New Yorker surgery cartoon

And . . . probably you should know if you haven’t figured it out, Patricia and I are eligible for Medicare and have accessed it.  In preparation for being over seas we discovered Medicare doesn’t cover you outside the USofA.

That means we brought some Patriot Travel Medical Insurance from AAA for when we are in Ireland.

And then here was this cartoon:

Acme Health Care for overseas

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3 thoughts on “gotta love the New Yorker cartoons

  1. I love cartoons and these were great. Sorry i didn’t tell you about the Medicare – only in the US. Other countries will treat you without charge since most have universal care! Have a super trip.

  2. Hadn’t thought of you both as Jack and Jill, but put an Irish tam on them, and they look just like you.

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