Do you see what I see?

A few nights ago, it may have been the day the current shifted and began taking the seaweed away from Siesta’s Crescent Beach rather than bringing it in, anyway we saw these formations of shape and color in the western sky.

Siesta Sunset

I wonder what you see here.

I wonder how you would describe what you see.

Let us know.

Do you see what I see?

Sure . . . but not really because you see through the lens of your eyes as colored by your life story.

We’d love to read your words.

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we live in Northport, MI

4 thoughts on “Do you see what I see?

  1. Is there anything more beautiful than a sunset sky?

    My eyes see beauty dancing within this day!

    I see clouds dancing in the foreground . . .
    it’s a flowing waltz, or maybe a fox trot.

    They’ve danced away from the others for a moment
    but will soon join them as the light fades.

    The head and shoulders of a figure appear on the horizon,
    watching from the other side,
    waiting to surrender to the darkening sky.

    Or it may be God showing off, just because He can.

    How lovely! Thank you, God!

  2. I see a rogue cloud who dresses in all God’s glory for a last fling before
    calling it a night. Go for it, beautiful little cloud!

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