Sunday faces from Dublin, August 19, 2012

We went to church today at St. Augustine & St. John Catholic Church in Dublinchurch . . . well, actually we got there for the consecration and the eucharist . . . missed the sermon (go figure) . . . ’cause . . . well . . .  I thought (from my internet research) that church was a half hour later than it actually was.

Anyway, wish I had gotten a picture of Samuel Greene (81) and Sean O’Neil who allowed us to engage them in conversation after church.  They were extravagant in their welcome, and then some.  We learned about them, about the church, about things we needed to do to protect ourselves from theft, and about the color of the eyes that will tell you something about the Irish, and lots more.

It was “brilliant!”  

Anyway, we missed the sermon time . . . and . . . the opportunity for a photo of these two fine men (I’m sorry).

But here are some others we saw on this Sunday in Dublin.

a horse-drawn carriage driver with a sort-of-a-bowler hat
A man in a hat about to accept customers into his horse-drawn carriage.
a delightful penny whistler
This gentleman musician was playing his penny whistle for change across from the entrance to Trinity College on Dame Street.
Woman in Dublin
This woman asked us for the time. I showed her my digital watch. She did not understand the numbers on my watch that read 11:30. Patricia showed hers. A real watch with 12 hours that go around in a circle and all. The woman smiled and understood. Patricia offered to reset the woman’s watch. She agreed. She was so grateful to Patricia, that she gave Patricia a big hug, and, among other things, said, “Christos.”
stone at St. Audeon Church, Dublin
Not really a face, I know, but this 9th century grave-slab had these words by it:
“This 9th century grave-slab stood outside the tower of St. Audeons’s for centuries. It was rumored to have a supernatural guardian, despite being moved a number of times from the church, it has always been returned to its rightful place.
In 1308 a marble cistern was erected in Cornmarket to provide the citizens of Dublin with their first supply of public water supply. The lucky stone was set up beside the cistern so that all who drank the water might have luck.
Local merchants believed that success in business depended largely on making a daily visit to touch the stone.
In 1826 the Lucky Stone was stolen by people from outside Dublin. However, during the theft the stone became heavier and heavier until the horse collapsed under its weight. The thieves dumped the stone on waste ground. Later, when workmen attempted to smash it, the stone moaned and rolled.
Reverend Dr Alexander Leeper (Rector and Prebendary 1859-94) set the stone in its present position in the 1860’s. It is said the ghosts of clergymen still walk the passageway to protect the the stone.”
First UCC in Eagle River is 125.
St. Andrew UCC in Sarasota will be 50 in 2016.
St. Audeon’s is 800 years old.
Patricia at Queen of Tarts for breakfast
what a great breakfast . . . or actually it was brunch!
Phil bringing home our first week's laundry from the All American Launderette
Sunday was laundry day for us in Dublin. We took ours to the All American Launderette. “Brilliant.”
man, asleep, asking for money with a cup in his hand.
This gentleman, by the way he was seated at the side of the street with the cup in his hand, seemed in need.  He was sleeping as we passed by.
harpist playing the pachelbel on Dame Stteet for change
This woman agreed to have her picture taken – as did most of the others in this series. We paid her for the song . . . and the photo.
Eugene Quinn, playing with Ladlane at the Temple Bar - 8/19/2012
This is Eugene Quinn.  He is one of three celtic musicians playing at the Temple Bar tonight.  Bought their CD.  Wanna listen?  Come visit us.  Such a fine trio of Celtic musicians! – “Ladlane Out of Dublin.”

That is who we saw today.

It has been a great day.

Tomorrow we go to Glendalough to be with Mary Meeghan for a eight days.

What a grand adventure!

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5 thoughts on “Sunday faces from Dublin, August 19, 2012

  1. Hi! We spent Sat. celebrating Beringer’s 4th birthday at a huge backyard party with friends and CCI dogs. Sun. night I went to my Oakland Presbyterian Church new organ dedication and concert. We are celebrating 125 years of church history this year too! Today is another day of housing repairs. Probably 1 more week of same.

    I thought “brilliant” was a mostly British term….well, go figure! Safe travels…

  2. Anam Cara
    Lights up my soul
    Anam Cara
    The clay and the stone
    Anam Cara
    As deep as it goes

    Interesting, you were late for the sermon. And here I was out again at 11:35 sermon and all.

    This looks like an extraordinary experience you guys are on.

    Your blogs are great!

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