The Ireland pilgrimage is now on retreat with Mary Meighan


We are here in beautiful Glendalough.  No Wifi in our cottage – so contact with you over the next many days will be limited . . . but with ourselves, each other, Mary, and this remarakable place on earth and its residents . . . oh, for us the contact will be enhanced.

Having dinner at the Wicklow Heather after a gracious and beautiful beginning to our retreat.  Mary gave us each a card that had been calligraphied personally for us by her niece.  Internet connection is too slow for us to download a picture of it . . . so here are these words of blessing for us . . . and for you:

“To be on a pilgrimage. . . we have to be prepared to let go of the accustomed patterns and controls that we impose on our daily live, and instead be ready to be open to what lies beyond . . . and to what is most often expressed in symbol, image, and poetry.”

We are ready.

We have begun.

Mary Meighan has touched us with symbol, image, and poetry already.


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