Some of you liked the Brendan Kennelly quote from yesterday.

Check out this poem with more of his wisdom:

“Though we live in a world that dreams of ending,that always seems about to give in, something that will not acknowledge conclusion, insists that we forever begin.”


Begin again to the summoning birds
to the sight of light at the window,
begin to the roar of morning traffic
all along Pembroke Road.
Every beginning is a promise
born in light and dying in dark
determination and exaltation of springtime
flowering the way to work.
Begin to the pageant of queuing girls
the arrogant loneliness of swans in the canal
bridges linking the past and the future
old friends passing through with us still.
Begin to the loneliness that cannot end
since it perhaps is what makes us begin,
begin to wonder at unknown faces
at crying birds in the sudden rain
at branches stark in the willing sunlight
at seagulls foraging for bread
at couples sharing a sunny secret
alone together while making good.
Though we live in a world that dreams of ending
that always seems about to give in
something that will not acknowledge conclusion
insists that we forever begin.


Of such are the words of our retreat with Mary.

My!  My!  My!

 If I only had the words.

So, without the words to express the depth of meaning for us in this pilgrimage among the Celtic energy of yore and now and then, we invite you into these images of the color of green.

By coincidence, Patricia’s maiden name is:  “Green.”

The hues are many, diverse.  They hues are deep, wide.

Of such is our privilege to be here where the past and future are present in a way that has not words for me to express exactly.  Many.  Diverse.  Deep.  Wide.

Imagine me speechless . . . Today, Mary gifted us each a “mother candle” for the light of Brigit.  Will tell you more of this when we are in each other’s company.

Patti Roberts, you asked for an image of the labyrinth.  Here it is as the first image of “green.”  It is an ancient labyrinth design.  This style precedes the one in France by centuries, I think.  It is similar to the one at Moon Beach UCC Camp in northern Wisconsin, for those of you familiar.

Glendalough labyrinth
The labyrinth we have been walking each morning is a 7 path labyrinth beyond the three trees you see.
Mary and patricia walking the labyrinth
Today we had a bit of rain and the first day we had rain. Here are Mary and Patricia walking it in the rain that first day of our Celtic Spirituality journey.
view from heading up a Glendalough Valley mountain
We hiked high into the mountain today. This is one of the views of green we experienced.
ancient wall high in the Glendalough Valley
This wall was more than half way up the mountain. Such a secret place of mystery.
lovely green up high on the mountain
Who knows what this plant is? It is so delicately beautiful.
Glendalough clover
Clover with tears born of rain.
Tower from the mountain
St. Kevin’s tower from on high

Love to each of you along with the insistence:  “we forever begin!”







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