circles of stone

Today, in solidarity with those of you in Isaac’s way, we’ve had rain and then some more rain, well, and maybe a bit more rain after that.

Lovely, really.

The River Glendasan has nine very large rocks across it (bolders actually) from our stone cottage to the road that leads to the Hotel Glendalough about 2K away. That is where we are now . . . I’m enjoying a pint Guinness and Patricia is trying (with limited success) to talk on the phone. The rocks in the river have been well above the water line all our stay long . . . until today. It rained in the night and then long into the day. The stepping stones, all of ’em, are under rushing water. We came across anyway, to see what we could find of you and maybe post a picture. Last night I tried . . . it looked like it was working and then after about a dozen minutes, what appeared on the post was all “code.” So you didn’t get a pic. Tonight I’m not even gonna’ try . . . it seems slower yet.

Anyway, seems as though Isaac has moved west of Sarasota as far as we can tell by way of our limited internet connection. We are grateful. We continue to hold those of you in harm’s way in our prayers, whether that be rain or hurricane or heritage or illness or . . . we hold you in our prayers.

Today Mary took us, after a very rained drenched walk of the labyrinth, to stone circles of long and long ago . . . you know, before Jesus . . . well actually before the pyramids . . . old, old circles . . . thin places of love and light and (for me) joy. Will send some pictures another time.

Dear ones, may the old ones bring you comfort tonight.
Dear ones, may the old ones bring you hope tonight.
Dear ones, may the old ones bring you love tonight.

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11 thoughts on “circles of stone

  1. Oh, that the young would cherish the wisdom of their elders and ask for and accept their knowledge and guidance!

  2. Isaac did turn more to the northwest and fortunately left us with only some rain showers and gusts of wind. Our prayers have been answered. Unfortunately, Isaac is heaed for the upper Gulf coast and New Orleans where the memories of Katrina are still very vivid in the minds of the inhabitants there.

  3. I find that each day I am looking forward to your poetry. You might remember the “poem” you sent as a message to First Church for the 125th. In fact, I’m sure you do, because you sent it out on this site as well. Anyway, Mary Anne took that poem to a meeting of pastors; they fell in love with it, and now your message of love, hope, challenge to First Church is going out to others. Thanks for that, as well as today’s walk in the rain.

  4. I’m always happy to see the wells of wellness post pop up in our inbox. Your writings are inspirational and thought-provoking. Thanks to both of you for bringing us along on your grand adventure.

  5. All well and dry here although we are in awe of the power of our world. Prayers for those in Isaac’s path. Your wells of wellness a gift each day. Thanks. Lucy

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