Love’s doorway to life

Today our travels took us back to the Dingle Peninsula so Bruce and Roberta could experience Dingle and beyond.  Among the treasures we encountered was the Dingle Music Shop.

Dingle Music Shop

Conversation led to conversation which led to conversation.  Eventually Caitriona asked Michael if he would play a bit for us on his button box.  This is one of the tunes he played:


We are blessed.

In his poem, Innocence, Patrick Kavanagh wrote these two lines among the twenty lines of the poem (they are 6&7):

But I knew that love’s doorway to life

Is the same doorway everywhere.

Today, in Dingle, Ireland, we walked through that doorway.

May you walk through the doorway, too, leading you to conversation and quiet and music and laughter and joy and a wee bit of awe.

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