3 rainbow day


steps in the Kells garden
Where might these steps be leading you?
wild thing in the Kells garden
perhaps to this happy wild thing in the Kells garden
water lilly
or this water lilly
bird in the Kells garden
or this cute small bird of Ireland

our first beach labyrinth
or this beautiful labyrinth made by me on the Kells beach and modeled on the one we walked in Glendalough – by now, with the tide coming in, it has been washed away beneath the waters of Dingle Bay
one of three rainbows we saw this afternoon
one of three magnificent rainbows we saw this afternoon over the beach at Kells Bay
other end- same rainbow
one end of this rainbow was on the beach (maybe the labyrinth?) and the other end was in the water of the Bay . . . such an extravagant arc of covenant
May the wind loosen all tautness.
May the salt air cleanse.
May the sand give certainty.
May the rainbow remind of God’s presence always and always.


Published by philandpatricia

we live in Northport, MI

6 thoughts on “3 rainbow day

  1. You are, daily, reintroducing us to Ireland. And increasingly I understand why Irish literature is so filled with spiritual reference, as well as spirituality. I need to return to some of the old pieces. While you were in Dublin, I was with James Joyce. Now although the area is not the same I think Yeats. Thanks for awakening some of that again.

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