grateful for the week

Bruce and Roberta have been here with us for most of a week.  Today we left them at the hotel at the Shannon airport so they could catch an early flight tomorrow back to the US.

As they leave to return home, may they travel safely.  May their minds be full of the scenes and sounds and scents of Ireland.  May the renewal of this week in their lives live long.  May the color of the rainbows we experienced together continue to arc over them and over you who read this blog and over us as we remain for several days and nights more.

Friendship is a blessing.  Community is good.

Today it rained, and then it clouded, and then it occasionally shone brightly in small circles of light here and and there, until the light left us for the night.

A few pictures from the day:

raindrops in the morning

the water dancing lightly in the morning rain

raindrops on the flowers

raindrops remain on the these flowers even later in the day

bye,  Bruce & Roberta

We are grateful for this week with you

sunset - 9/11/2012

light & land & water & cloud in conversation at the end of the day in Ireland

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  1. As always, beautiful pictures of God’s creations.


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