Textures and tones

For the last three weeks we have been living in the home of two artists.  They are American, but have the sense and traditions of Ireland.  The house modeled on a traditional Irish cottage, but upgraded so that the amenities of the 21st century are here. The traditional crafts  decorate the floors and walls and once used now discarded implements are artfully displayed throughout the house.

The local products include woven blankets, chair seats, iron work, baskets, rugs, paintings and wall hangings tie the present to the past

Here are some of the textures and colors in this beautiful home.

area rug

woven chair seat
beautifully woven rocker seat
woolen items
a variety of beautiful textures and colors.
metal work on fire grate
decorative metal work on bedroom fireplace

wall hanginglarge basket

Thick yarns for decoration or maybe a project
antique farming items
nice display of old tools.
metal sign
Old metal sign in the Irish and English.
mixed media
Mixed media, one of my favorites

So we share some of the color and textures we have lived with in this beautiful place.  We are sad to leave it.

May you experience beauty around you as you go through your day

May you see the beauty where you live every day

May you know that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

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we live in Northport, MI

3 thoughts on “Textures and tones

  1. I smile when I see all the “materials, I am thinking, “Oh Phil watch Patricias’ bags, as we know how “fabric” is in her soul, She weaves a fine web yes she does!

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