later in the day – 9/18/2012

Such a fine day in our lives.

Remember the lower tide around noon?

Well, here is how it was around 5:45 . . . labyrinth is watered away:

from the same pier as at noon
remember patricia and the labyrinth and sand . . . now it is all awash with the pull of lunar energy

We went to O’Neills The Point at Cahirsiveen.  Patricia ate salmon . . . and I ate “monkfish.”  T’was very, very good.  If you are on the Ring of Kerry and looking for fine food . . . we recommend The Point for sure.

Bridie of O'Neills The Point
Bridie, with her husband runs The Point. It was owned by his father before him and his grandfather before that. Bridie and Michael have six grown children. There is a page about them  in the book Walking Through Ireland. We loved hearing a wee bit of their story and savoring their fine food of the sea.

And this was the light we experienced at the day’s end . . .

day's end - looking west over Valentia Island

Ohhhhh, and Irish Coffee is all that it is cracked up to be:

ummm good

And here is the big dipper in the Ireland sky over Kells Bay tonight:

big dipper

May you sleep well tonight . . . and may we as well.

More from Dublin, tomorrow.


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3 thoughts on “later in the day – 9/18/2012

  1. Ah…you’re movin’ on. Back to Dublin. We’ll look for more door pictures there, unless your time is short.

  2. How far in and for how long did you say that you and the “wee” Atlantic ocean could connect before screaming “UNCLE!”??? AN AWAKENING OF ANOTHER KIND! I imagine a baptism, Never to forget!

  3. A beautiful ending to a beautiful interlude. Drink it all in and enjoy every drop, but don’t forget to come back to us! We miss you and will be glad to see your smiling faces when you return. In the meantime, we will enjoy your posts. Be well, and travel safely.

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