60 in Duluth

We woke before dawn to begin the transition (clean up, sort, and pack) for the next part of our journey.  Today we fly to Portland for a week with my daughter, Jennifer and her husband, Jeff, and son, Elijah.  It will be good to be with them and to be on the Pacific coast after five weeks in Ireland near the waters of the Atlantic.

And, it will be sad to leave our Duluth families and this beautiful place in the world.

May you see beauty and taste grace before the day is done.

Duluth sunrise

city in the morning light

Patricia's toes in the water

the water is rolling a bit on this morning of fall

waning morning moon

sixty in Duluth

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we live in Northport, MI

3 thoughts on “60 in Duluth

  1. Cicken!!! YOu’re getting out at just the right time. Tomorrow we start winter. You always have planned well.

  2. My moon this morning looked just liked yours as i did my daily walk in Center Gate. I had no water to enjoy but I love the walk to greet the other walkers and to enjoy the flowers in the yards and hear the hawk as he squaks at me. Is he greeting me or does he think I’m in his territory?
    Enjoy the beauty of family and the greens of Oregon!

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