Helens, Hood, Rainier

I go to nature

Time with Jennifer, Jeff, Eli is wonderful.  We are here in Oregon, savoring the minutes and hours and stories and people and . . . well, those three mountains:

Elijah and Jeff


I go to nature

October Oregon leaf

Mt. St. Helens - in the mist - look closely

Mt. Hood

Mt Rainier

Sometimes we have to really look to see the mountains on the horizon before us . . . and seeing those mountains might contribute to our aging with beauty, vibrancy, tears, and grace.

May you see.

May we see.

May we be overcome by God’s merciful, forgiving love of even us . . .

and . . .

well . . .

even those who are hard for us to love.

God’s love is extravagant. indeed!

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we live in Northport, MI

One thought on “Helens, Hood, Rainier

  1. So glad that you are enjoying the beautiful state of Oregon and Jennifer and her family. How wonderful to be on the far side of the Atlanic in August, Lake Superior in September and the near side of the Pacific in October – as Louie would say,” its a wonderful world! ”

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