We’re home

Some of you may have remembered to pray the Evening Prayer we suggested each night for this time away.

Patricia and I remembered it often . . .

but . . .

sadly . . .

not always.

Anyway . . .

the prayer goes like this,

for those of you who may have forgotten it:


Now at the close of this day

we pause

to say thank you

for opening our eyes, ears, hands, and minds

to the ways you are in the world.

Through this night

may your rest be with the weary,

may your solace be with the brokenhearted,

may your healing be with the ill,

may your peace be with the troubled,

may your justice be with the oppressed.

May your comfort and delight be with family and friends everywhere.

Oh yes.


I’m praying these words tonight as I post this retrospective of photos you may not have seen:

Patricia in Dublin

Patricia & Phil - Dublin

Patricia and Molly Malone

Patricia running along the Glendsan in Glendalogh

phil on a misty on a misty Glendalough meadow

Patricia and Patrick Kananagh - Dublin

smilin' Phil in a stone circle

Patricia & Mary at Clodagh's in Glendalough

Before the race, Dingle

Ta Da!

Torc Waterfall

Patricia dancin' up the hill at Kells with Bruce and Roberta

Phil at the Dingle Music and Coffee Shop.jpg

Patricia and Roberta posing in the Kells Garden

Patricia, Phil & Kelly - Toabb Coille B&B

Phil & Patricia at Toabb Coille B&B - blowin' in the wind of Dingle Bay

Phil bloggin in Ireland under the Frog Tog

Patricia's awe - at the castle of the blarney stone

Ahhhhh, Paris, however brief

we were in Duluth together, but narry a picture to tell it

light dancing on a full moon over Lake Superior

Duluth family time

smilin on the Park Point beach

runnin' the Nike trail in Portland, OR

Yep, I got there too

at the park near Jennifer & Jeff's

one big honkin' goosePhil & Jennifer at Hillsdale UCC

Here we are all together now at Yachats, OR

Phil's feet in the tidal waters of the Pacific

over the rockies toward home

from the back of the plane.  Yep, you guessed it, we are in  row 38
What you might not have guessed, the mother of Phil’s children (who has been referred too in in these blogs) was on the plane with us . . . and yep, she and her husband, Paul, were in row 39, direclty behind us. Go figure. Anyway Kandi and Paul are here for the weding of a colleague of Kandi’s on the beach at Lido.   Wow.   It was fine.  Here we are stumbling along among the immensities of . . . well . . . birth and death.thank you welcomers.  we do feel loved, for sure.

back in Sarasota

And . . .

well . . .

then . . .

donchaknow . . .

may you . . .

always and always . . .

find your way . . .

back . . .

home again.

My, my, my . . .

Thank you, Angela, for leaving the house as welcoming as you left it for us.

We are grateful!


Thank you, Marvin and Doris, our landlords, who painted the house

and power-washed the roof

and lanscaped.

It is beaurtiful at 2416.

We are so appreciative!

Love to you each and all,

. . . . Phil and Patricia

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we live in Northport, MI

10 thoughts on “We’re home

  1. Welcome home!! We are so grateful you had such a rich trip. And thank you for sharing it with us. Your words and pictures made our lives richer as well.

  2. Patricia, Phil looks a little tired in that park-bench photo above with you sitting on his lap :).

    Happy your both home safe and sound.

  3. Welcome Home!. We would have been at SRQ to greet you but we had our Small Family Group, the “Starfishes” get together at “Pops Sunset Grill” at that time.

  4. WELCOME HOME!!!! Sorry I couldn’t be at the airport to greet you(That’s my favorite thing to ddo). Will be all smiles when i next see you. So much to share with you7, but in all good time..
    OHHHH, YES!!

  5. Phil and Patricia, we are happy you have brought your splendiferous selves back home to sunny Sarasota. We missed you. Thanks for all the delightful pictures and posts along your way. We look forward to hearing all about your adventure soon.

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