“. . . and so connected.”

hands of a Nokomis drummer

Once, so far, since we returned to Sarasota . . . I made a labyrinth on Crescent Beach of Siesta Key.  It was easy to create with a drag of my shoes in the sand.  I walked it . . . but I don’t think anyone else did.  It will be good to make labyrinths on our home beach again and again and again.

One of the things about labyrinths is they are circular.

There is another circular thing that has been going on for long and long here in Sarasota (and lots of other places.)

It, too, provides an opportunity for movement.

It is open to all.

It is a place for letting go . . . and taking hold . . . a place of renewal . . .

You can learn about this other circular thing through a poem I found on the internet . . . and through the pictures I took on Nokomis Beach that follow the poem . . . read on.

Drum Circle

Some of us are smiling,
some look grumpy.
Some look timid,
some aggressive.
Some look comfortable,
others look lost.

We lift our drums confidently
or cautiously
and begin to play loudly
or softly.
or with reserve 
From the heart
or from the head 
Knowing our place in the song
or doubting ourselves.

We look unlikely to belong
to the same group
We differ in every way
We’re Christian and Pagan
Men and women
Black and white
Gay and straight
Sixteen and sixty
Well-off and poor
Educated or not
Eloquent or not
Experienced or not
It doesn’t matter here.

Some are here to make music
and some are here to touch God.
Some came to be together
while others came to be alone.
Some came for the joyful noise
and some for peace and quiet.
Some came to heal their souls
and others just for fun.
It doesn’t matter which. 

Some are here to connect with spirit…
to journey
to raise energies
to be entranced
or find their essence
And some are here to stop thinking.

To just Be.

A dozen souls
Together for a dozen reasons
Headed for a dozen destinations
Yet we travel as One.
Supporting one another
without a word

Building something of beauty
and energy
and spirit
that not one of us
could have conceived.
Ending each piece with laughter
…or with silence.
Feeling so alive,
and in the moment,
and so connected.

When its time to go, I pray
I can bring a bit more
of my drum circle heart
into the world this time…

Because the world has much to learn
about community.


Rick Cormier


Here are a few images of what you might have seen if you were at the drum circle, Nokomis Beach on Saturday evening, October 20:


water, sun, sky - Nokomis Beach, October 20, 2012

Patricia, Peter, & Norida, on the circle listening, watching, and moving to the beat

hands of a Nokomis drummer

a dancing, blessing, drummer

a couple looking for sharks teeth in the setting sun

the half moon


UCC colleague to the north


UCC colleague to the south


a percussionist

a young angelic dancer

a jester

the sunset


Feeling so alive . . . and in the moment . . . and so connected.


May the rhythm of the drum remind you of your heartbeat . . . and God’s.

May dancing in the sand set you free to be the one God hopes you might become.

May you be more vibrant because of the wash of the surf.

May the people you encounter cause you to give thanks for diversity.

May the dance of the wee ones make you smile.

May colleagues be earthy-God-ones in their playfulness.

May the setting sun cause you to be filled with the hues of awe.

May the rising of the half moon stir rumination about the challenge and gift of community.


May you hear the voice of God . . .

May you recognize the face of God . . .

May you feel the forgiveness of God . . .

May you smell the beauty of God . . .

May you taste the extravagance of God.


May you be vibrant.

May you see beauty.

May tears be healing.

May grace unburden.


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8 thoughts on ““. . . and so connected.”

  1. I am “envious” as I look at this wee girl all dressed up like a “fairy Princess” The word coming to me is “So precious” I wonder what thoughts would come to minds if I did this, I am sure I know! Envious cause it would be fun to step out of my skin into another, Not necessarily a F.P. But something different, I wonder what my challenge might be!?

  2. The drum circle poem was lovely, inspiring, thoughtful, but your words were even more so. Your time away seems to have made your writings even more powerful, meaningful, and far reaching into our spirits. Thank you.

  3. The quality of your thoughtful reflections is exceeded only by your gift for taking phenomenally exquisite photography that also speaks volumes. Next we should send you both around the world to document God’s beauty, but you would be missed too much by your community here..
    Many thanks for continuing to share your gifts.

  4. Ditto to all the above. Your own writing–crystal clear as it usually is–has become even more potent. Consider a book, Phil. I keep returning to your words. And I have a file on my computer that includes many of your Eagle River sermons. You’re even more inspirational now, although nothing outside of your own words tops the story you read one Christmas Eve.

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