blowin’ in the wind . . .

We ran the north end of Siesta this morning.

Afterward we made a labyrinth not far from a group who were doing beach yoga, closer to the parking lot side of the beach than the water, at the entrance to the public beach nearest to the green life guard station.  As I walked I prayed for calming of Sandy’s fury.

Later on we went back to the beach, maybe around 4:00 pm, and by then the wind had blown the sand enough wind blowing the sandso the labyrinth is a bare outline of itself.

remnants of a siesta labyrinth - 10-26-2012



Here is some of what else we experienced:
bird diving at siesta

diving bird


getting free of the water


fishing is good


yep . . . fishing is good



bubbling surf


pretty patterns as the tide goes out


soooooo amazing


a child's kite


an adult soaring with his kite


Patricia's "YES!"


the magic of reflection


the moon showing her almost fullness under a wee cloud



There is an old Irish prayer we found in Glendalough:  Celtic Soul Journey:

O God, bless the step

that I am taking,

and bless the soft earth

beneath my feet.


Am praying that prayer . . .

and these ones too,

as Sandy continues to brew.


May those in harm’s way seek and find shelter.

May those harmed be comforted.

May the wind ease.

May the wind ease.

May the wind ease.


ohhhh, for those of you who keep track of such things . . . this is the 100th post on


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  1. Enjoyed every one of them!


    1. have been rereading some of them. they are fun. thanks for reading every one.


    2. I have been walking each morning like you two on the beach. Going south on my route is lovely and cool at 7:00 am but coming home I nearly get blown away. The change is so great and we are enjoying the cooler days but I pray for our family in MA. and my old home in NJ.
      Can hardly wiat to se you both. Hugs, Fay


  2. Amazing and wonderful!


    1. yep . . . and soon we get to be with you and others of the StA family . . . it is going to be “amazing and wonderful!”


  3. Jill Pape, Mike -n- Linda Pape October 27, 2012 at 8:56 pm

    I have loveada every one of them and will miss them when you stop, but will be happoy to have you and Patariacia back. Jill


  4. It will be wonderful to have the St. A. family complete again with your presence Phil and Patricia. Your journey was so beautifully portrayed—so inspiring,. and it was so kind of you to take us all along with you! Jan B.


  5. Susan Henderson October 28, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    I like to think of this Journey you two have been on, Not an ending, A “new” beginning, One filled with much excitement and “Awesome” wonder! What a gift you two are to all of us who your lives have touched! I am very thankful to be included, Here in New Zealand, I feel Dons presence,
    It is good, I realize that All the love and support that my St. Andrew family and you Phil and Patricia, have given to me the strength to prepare for this next adventure in my life, No matter what, I know that I am not alone! This is not Ireland, But, It is “Brilliant” 🙂 Hugs, nn P.S. Do you think blood pressures are lower “Down-Under”


  6. Bob and Joan Jarrett October 28, 2012 at 7:15 pm

    we loved every post – and can’t wait to see and hear and feel your presence with us again. Joan and Bob


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