Seven people of Ireland

Here are seven more images (plus the featured image of the harpist on The Ring of Kerry). This time all of them are faces that Patricia and I love from our time in Ireland, 2012:


beautiful penny whistle player on the streets of Dublin


Patricia and an eastern european refugee woman selling papers on a Dublin street in order to survive

man sleeping as he holds a cup hoping for some change.jpg

a man’s weariness and hope on a Dublin street.

Agnes & John.jpg

Agnes and John at their B&B in Kells, Ireland

horre drawn carriage driver - Dublin.jpg

a driver of a horse carriage in Dublin


a fella with a hat . . .  he was in Dublin . . . but not sure where


our magnificent guide to Irish history, Grace O’Keefe, medieval history Phd who guided us through the halls and streets of Dublin.

Watch for a video of her story of the Battle of the Boyne here sometime soon.



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  1. Ron/Susie Rabold February 2, 2016 at 9:06 am

    Happy IMBOLC day! This is all new to us but it’s always good to learn something new! Love the picture with the lady in the “wine” apron. It made me smile. It’s good to look inward at our/the stepping stones in our spiritual journey; we include you and Patricia! Missing both of you here – it’s just not the same! PTL always in all things! XOXO


    1. Thanks, Ron and Susie . . . the sermon title for this week at Trinity comes from your post: “it’s just not the same.” Love to you both for the journey.


  2. Don’t know why,the picture of the weary young man touched me…wonderful characters. Thanks


    1. Yes. He does us too. He is among those from Eastern Europe who immigrated to Ireland when things were economically strong and now he and so many others have no way to make a living.


  3. Great street photography, Phil. I love all the faces you captured, but my favorite is the red-faced, horse carriage driver. Seems very stereotypical Irish. Thanks for your post. Karen


    1. yes, a wee bit Irish he is . . . ruddy, vintage straw hat, open shirt, workin’ hard, strong. Thank you, Karen


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