This cardinal and its mate are around our yard often.  Am not sure where they are nested, but it must be somewhere close.  One morning last week the car, parked as it was in the driveway, was laden with the drops of rain from a fairly heavy rain during the night.  The sun’s light was clear in its early morning brightness.  The raindrops on the car seemed alive in a sparkling, almost dancing, glisten.  There on the roof of the car, in the midst of the drops, sat this cardinal.

red cardinal in our yard
cardinal in the yard – photo with new sony nex – telephoto lens


He and his mate always give me pause.

Through them

I am reminded

to give thanks


“small things.”


through them,

I am reminded of a poem,


by Jan L. Richardson

as published in her book,

In the Sanctuary of Women:

At lunch today

it was the purple

of the olive pits 

against my cobalt plate

that stunned me.

At tea,

the gold of peach

bloodstained by its stone.

I do not know

where the greater part

of the miracle lies:

that I should pause to notice this,

or that I,

a woman of

such great hungers,

should be so well satisfied

by such small things.


May the God of small things

delight you this day.

Thank you cardinal, neighbor.

Thank you, Jan Richardson, wise woman.

Patricia and I will encounter plentitude’s colors, sounds, tastes, and aromas in the months before us in Ireland and beyond. May the God of small things delight us often and often.

May the God of small things delight you, as well.

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