Meb’s run in London today

Meb Keflezighi placed fourth in the 2012 Olympic men’s marathon today.  He was three minutes behind the winner, Stephen Kiprotich from Uganda, whose winning time was 2:08:01.

That is fast.

Patricia and I got to see Meb win the Olympic Trials in Houston in January, so it was fun to see him again.  We were in Houston to watch Katie run in the Women’s Olympic Trials for the Marathon.  Watching today made us remember January with fondness.  Here are some pics from that trip:

the yellow hat in Houston

It is a long road to the Olympics


Skills needed for the road include









Katie and the yellow hat the day before race.

women leaders

Shalane and Desiree and Kara, US women who qualified for the Olympics are in this group of women frontrunners, Houston, January 2012

Meb Keflezighi

Meb was a couple minutes faster in Houston than today – It was a much different course and different weather conditions.

Proud mother

Patricia watching Katie with pride

post race hug

Mother and daughter.
Katie ran a very strong race in the 2:45 range.
The hat says: “I know I run like a girl. Try to keep up!”

Thanks for the good run today, Meb.

Congratulations, Katie, on qualifiying for the third time for the Olympic Trials.

You are fast . . . and you are loved!

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