Just tried to figure out how to get a youtube video here for you to listen.


I am not that smart,

I guess.


It would have been John Lennon signing “Imagine” in (what year was this recorded?) with Ono along for the song . . .

Since I couldn’t do it,

you can google, John Lennon “Imagine”

and you can find it that way . . .

and listen. . .

all without my skill.

John Lennon

It is worth the listen

We really do

need to


I was deeply moved by the recording of Lennon singing tonight at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics . . . and by the images of his face . . .


“imagine . . . you may say that I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one.”



What would it be like if a bullet had not ended his life?


What would it have been like if he had been here to sing to us, in the flesh, tonight?


What would it be like if the Sikhs who were shot were not dead?

What would it be like if all those theater goers were still alive?

What would it be like if Gabby Giffords had not had to resign because of a bullet in her head?


What would it be like . . .

Kennedy, Ghandi, Lincoln . . .

so many murdered women . . .

children . . .

men . . .


What would it be like . . . ?


Surely it is time for us



another way.











Aging with vibrancy, beauty, grace

is not possible

with bullets!

Published by philandpatricia

we live in Northport, MI

6 thoughts on ““Imagine”

  1. Amen! And Amen! Keep imagining Phil. Keep encouraging us to imagine. It is far too easy today to feel that the bullets have already killed our imaginations. There have been and continue to be so many it often becomes very hard to imagine another way. Keep encouraging us and we shall try. Peace, brother and safe travels!

  2. Peace, my brother, Steve, peace . . . it is time for us to stand with faith and courage and grace and elegance . . . for peace . . . and for justice . . . oh yes it is.

    Heard from Jean Simpson today that she had used some of the gifts from the Florida Conference of the United Church of Christ to help a girl burned with boiling water to get to the hospital in Nairobi, Africa.

    Peace, my brother, Steve, peace . . . it is time for us to stand!

    1. I am imaging you on your travels with new adventures into the aging with grace and fun. Each day is a present – enjoy! – Fay

  3. Imagine by John Lennon should have closed the show. The answer is “blowing in the wind,” my friend. I fear we will never learn, but let those of us who believe in peace and love – as we sing each Sunday – keep singing, studying, and trying.

    BTW: I’ve been imagining I’d get out of church at 11:30 for over 5 years and it happened yesterday.

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