art matters

We are safely in Dublin.

Here are ten images from the last 30+ hours.  They proclaim, “art matters.”

View of the Ringling Bridge, Sarasota, from our Delta flight just after noon yesterday.

Ringling Bridge from DL 1678

We had a four hour lay-over in Atlanta.  Because of that we learned from Angela about some art exhibits that are at the train level – you know – the one down that really long escalator that takes you to the train to get from one concourse to another.  The exhibits are awe-ing! In one there are maybe a dozen large sculptures, all from Zimbabwe, each carved from a very hard stone – Springstone.  Here is info on just one of the artists followed by a picture of his sculpture.  The other exhibit on display right now is a history of Atlanta.  It dramatically tells moving, poignant stories of the city evolving into what it is today through the civil rights movement, and before.

Tapfuma Gutsa

Galactic Dancer

First view of the green of Ireland this morning about 7:30 am (2:30 am Sarasota time).

Ireland from DL 176

I love flowers.


a wee bit of what we saw while we waited for our hotel room to be available for us.


On one of the greens – this one at the entrance to the Chester Beatty Library & Gallery.

the buses are abundant 24/7

Brightly colored buses are everywhere in the city center . . . many, many, many of them.

scales of justice

Please do note the magnificent blue sky . . . no rain today . . . sun was pleasantly warm.

Celtic Cross

This cross is on the peak of a huge ancient church near Trinity College.

A good time

The good times are now . . . right where we are!

Hope to get to the National Museum of Ireland tomorrow . . . maybe more words then.

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15 thoughts on “art matters

  1. “May the blessing of light be on you—
    light without and light within.
    May the blessed sunlight shine on you
    and warm your heart
    till it glows like a great peat fire.” Celtic Blessing

    1. Thank You Jennifer. We each had a pint of Guinness last evening and listened to a wee bit of grand Irish music in the pubs and on the street of Temple Street. Came back and slept a long, lovely solid ten hours. hmmmm. Feeling good today. Our first Irish run in a little while.

      1. Do you have an “Ice Box” in your room? If not, I showed you how to get one! (must keep the Guinness cool!) 🙂

  2. All the pictures have not downloaded yet, but WOW! I like seeing the world (Irish world, to be exact) through your eyes and words. I remember the cross on the church near Trinity. (Just think, it hasn’t moved.) Be well.

  3. Glad you guys are there S&S. Can a WST find out from a wellness guy what the Special Services are?

    I don’t fear the lightning
    I don’t fear the storm
    When I shake in the darkness
    You keep me warm
    My love is a candle
    When I’m alone
    Anam Cara
    Lights my way home

    1. We are in City Center. It is very urban. Sidewalks are quite a bit narrower than Sarasota’s. Buses, cars, taxis . . . all scurrying with inside liane very close to the sidewalk. People on bicycles riding in and out and with the road traffic. Feels dizzyingly unsafe to watch the proximity of buses/cars to the cyclists. Almost gave my elbow to a double-decker yesterday as I was near the sidewalk edge in order to make room for all the people passing by. Lots and lots and lots of people. Most seem, at first glance, to be in the 20 to 40 year old age group. Fast pace. Animated conversations. Many languages. We saw a couple people in wheelchairs – but none independent of a caregiver. Crosswalks, across the streets, are wide, well marked as to which way to look for traffic and are accessible – sidewalk and street at same level at these spots. I would say, Special Services are few. Many areas of walking are kind of cobble stone-like, so would be very uneasy wheeling, I think.

      1. Thank you for the lovely pics, Phil and Patricia! Brings back good memories! This blog (or whatever it’s called) is wonderful to keep the people who love you (and miss you already ) up to date with your comings and goings. Thanks so much. Lois

  4. Good to hear that you arrived in Ireland safely. Thanks for the photos, they are really great! I will forward this blog to Marcia since she really does believe that "art matters".Best wishes from both of us.Marcia and Ted  

  5. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing. We’ll be watching for more.
    We’re so excited for you!
    Jane & Lew

  6. Glad to know you arrived safely. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Wish we could be with you in Ireland. We both have a bit of Irish i us. Look forward to more of your pictures.
    Joan & Bob

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