It’s a good day to fly to Dublin, don’t you think?

A couple years ago when we were returning from the Annual Meeting of the Florida Conference UCC in Naples, we came across this bumper sticker.  That was before this time of sabbatical was imagined.

Happy Patricia

Thank you to all who have participated in the planning for this time.

Thank you Angela for tending the folk at St. Andrew and allowing them to tend you.  And, thanks for tending our house.

We’re off.

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9 thoughts on “It’s a good day to fly to Dublin, don’t you think?

  1. Well, I wasn’t able to fit myself into your suitcase (possibly because you did not ask me to pack for you both); however, our excitement joins yours, and we’ll keep looking for entries here as you search for new answers through Irish scenes, lore and family love.

  2. May our Father bless your journey by unexpected encounters with the holy and may you both be sustained by the loving embrace of your Sarasota “family”. Perhaps you will even see a decent movie on the flight?

  3. Safe travels. You are traveling to one of my favorite destinations. Enjoy everything, including the “forty shades of green.”


  4. I am looking at my I-Phone, It now being “10:30 a.m. Dublin time, Good morning you two, Happy first of many, May your “first” IRISH breakfast fill you with energy and renewal after that long plane ride! Hello Ireland, Please take good care of Phil and Patricia, Keep them safe, Welcome them and surround them with your Irish Love! We are counting on you! Hugs,nn

  5. Adding our best wishes to you both for a long needed renewal. Thinking of you each morning as we rise and head out for our exercise. “May the road rise up to meet you…..”

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