just a little run in the hills

No internet yet at our lovely home in Kells of County Kerry, so we are at Caitin’s Pub for a bit to check email and write a little to you.

Spectacular day here.  Great day of sun.  Nary a drop of rain.

This is the view across Dingle Bay from the home we will inhabit for the next three weeks.  Our neighbors from Sarasota, Bruce and Roberta, will join us for a week beginning on the 4th.  You are in for quiet, rural, majestic beauty Roberta & Bruce . . . unless it rains . . . and then . . . well, it will just be a different kind of beautiful:

Dingle Bay

Across that water is where Dingle is.  And Dingle is where Patricia and I are registered to run a half marathon on Saturday – 9/1/2012 beginning at 9:00 am Ireland time (about 4:00 am, Sarasota time.)  “You know, if you go by water it is just 12K , take you about an hour.  And if you drive, oh my the roads are kinda curvy and slow.  It’s about 70K by car and it’ll take you a couple hours to get there from here.”

So spoke one of the folks we have met.  This one was Eugene.

Anyway we have decided (since we don’t have a boat and haven’t yet mastered the art of running on water, well actually, walking either) to drive to Dingle tomorrow afternoon in a leisurely fashion, get our race packets, join in the festivities that include a pasta feed, then spend the night in a Dingle hotel and have a kind morning before the run rather than a harried drive in the dark of early am to get there on Saturday.

Wanna find out if we finished on Saturday when you get up?  Go to: http://www.dinglemarathon.ie and click on the race results.

Life is good to us.

Patricia was impressed by our walk on the beach this afternoon.  “Look at this one.  Ohh, look at this one.  And this one.  Even some of the rocks are green in this land of so many hues of green.” We were making cairns of rocks (you know, stacking rocks one on top of the other until they look a bit like a statue) at the far end of the beach, near a stunning home.  The man who lives there, called down to us.  We got to talking.  He invited us to join he and his wife for coffee.  We sat on their deck and listened to their tales of Kells and the Dingle peninsula.  Hospitality and grace are alive and well in Ireland

So glad Isaac was not a devastation to you or the folks where it “went ashore.”

May evening come upon you with kindness tonight.   And, in the night, may you dream of flowers as beautiful as these in County Kerry, Ireland.

flowers on our Kells front porch

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6 thoughts on “just a little run in the hills

  1. Ah, Phil. We look forward to your posts, and you never disappoint. You and Patricia have blessed our lives at St. Andrew, and now you’re sending blessings from the Emerald Isle. It’s a wonderful thing!

    1. Evening did come on us kindly tonight – an almost full moon shining brightly on waters so calm Black Oak mirrors the sky on a warm summer evening!
      Looks like you’re in a place almost as beautiful! Have a great run – we love reading your posts.

  2. Sounds like a perfect plan. Don’t eat too much pasta. Are you driving on the right or wrong (smile) side of the road? I seem to remember it’s on the right side, but it’s been 11 years since I was there. Good luck and lots of strength for the run, and thank you again for your great messages. ( I’m printing many of them out for Millie M who doesn’t have a computer.) hugs, Lois

  3. Run well and enjoy – will check your progress. I’m so glad that you have met so many caring and interesting people but then you two are so interested that I’m sure the Irish want to know you. Fay

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