a dozen pictures

We made it in a very leisurely fashion from Kells to Dingle.  We stopped along the route of Ring of Kerry to take pictures and enjoy.  Here are some pictures, one from Dublin, one from last night, and the rest from today.

The Dingle Marathon (there is a full marathon, a half marathon, and an ultra marathon) advertises itself as the most beautiful marathon in the world.

It is breathtaking.

Lots of up along with pretty much an equal amount of down.  We will run along the cliff edge out of Dingle with the Dingle Bay (north Atlantic waters) to our left.  So the last several pictures are from the race route.

Picture 1:  Millie this one is for you.  Wanted you to know the bears from St. Andrew are enjoying the trip and it’s many modes of transportation.  Here they are waiting for the train from Dublin to Limerick.  Earlier they had traveled by bus from Glendalough and then by taxi from the bus stop at Upper Dawson to the Dublin Heuston train station.

Bears in the Heuston Train Station, Dublin

Picture 2:  Last night’s full moon shining through the clouds over Kells Bay in Dingle Bay.

full moon in late August - Ireland

Pictures 3 & 4:  Can’t remember the name of this beach area, but it is one of the major destinations for people who like to surf in Ireland.  The tide is pretty far out and the water is cold.

on the way to Dingle

on the way to Dingle

Picture 5: a view of Irish farmland on the Dingle Peninsula.

Dingle Peninsula farmland

Pictures 6-12:  This is the route Patricia and I and 2850 other runners will see tomorrow after 9:00 am.  Don’t know how many of that number are ultra, or full or half.  Just think, the most beautiful marathon in the world . . . and we are here:

Dingle Bay - just out of Dingle

hive huts sign on the half route

half high road

falling rocks ahead

ten mile marker
ahh from here tomorrow it will be just 3.1 more miles and the last mile, maybe even the last mile and a half is pretty much down hill. Of course, it is true we will have had to climb up every bit of the down hill already in order to get this long down to the end. Should be fun, both ways
Blasket islands
These are the islands that were home to Maurice O’Sullivan in the early 1900’s whose book “Twenty Years A-Growing” I have been reading on the trip and have almost finished.
looking up from the last mile of the half
This is a picture looking back up the road that will be our down hill for the last mile of the half tomorrow.

Yes we did eat pasta.  It was delicious.  Got to be at table with Hannah, Christine, Louise, and Heather, from Yorkshire, England.  All of them are thinking of running in the two and a half hour range.  So we may run with them for a bit . . . or all of it., who knows.

Tonight we are staying at Benners Hotel in Dingle.  We have a beautiful  and spacious room.


Just got this email from Shari Prestemon, indicating Isaac was a troubling presence in Biloxi and elsewhere.  Am only pasting two paragraphs of her longer message:

Hurricane Isaac was only a Category 1 hurricane, but it left an unusual level of damage behind nonetheless. Though the winds in our area generally did not eclipse 70 mph, a disastrous amount of rain was dumped throughout the area, in part because the system was so large and it hovered over us for an extraordinarily long period of time before moving out. These rains caused flooding in several areas along the Coast, and further flooding may yet occur as area rivers crest to flood stage throughout this coming weekend. In addition, multiple tornadoes spun off of Hurricane Isaac, touching down throughout the three coastal counties of Mississippi on Wednesday night. . . 

Indeed, as I drove up to the Mission campus, I was met by five utility trucks from Georgia lined up in front of our buildings. The top of an electrical pole directly in front of our Micah Center had snapped off in the storm, causing a power outage on our campus and throughout the neighborhood. As I made my way around our property and into our buildings, I was deeply grateful to find very minimal damage to our facilities. Torn screens, a few roof leaks, and debris from trees were the extent of it. My campus assessment complete, I sat down in my darkened office and offered a prayer of thanks to God, and then found myself overwhelmed by emotions I had not realized were still so close to the surface, the aftermath of Isaac triggering unwelcome memories of Hurricane Katrina. Indeed, Isaac had come to us on the seventh anniversary of the horror of Katrina, August 29. It was an unsettling coincidence.

We hold you in our prayers tonight.

May you be safe.

May you know you are loved and may you share your love with another in need of loving tonight.

May you rest well and awake renewed on the morrow.





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8 thoughts on “a dozen pictures

  1. Patricia and Phil …..the very best of luck to you both tomorrow…. may you run and run and as you let all that sweet Kerry air fill your lungs may the wild landscape sweep into your souls…..enjoy enjoy enjoy… Glendlalough remembers your spirit…… Mary

  2. Hi you two, sent a comment, but, says it did not go anywhere, so, will try again, if u did receive it, here it is again, wishing I could be there running with you, big” black” boot and all! My “3” to your one, but that would be just fine, I really would love to be at the finish line to welcome u in, oh heck, who are we kidding, I would really be at the “pub” holding a seat and a ” cold” one for u! Safe run, thinking of u every moment tomorrow! Hey patricia, was it ” whole wheat” pasta 😉 love you both, nn

  3. Isn’t it amazing how many greens the artist in God can make? So reminiscent of Wisconsin in the early spring. We don’t even have enough names for the greens, like the Eskimos don’t have enough names for the thing you barely remember: snow.

  4. By the way, this is the second blue moon of the month, and you are already enjoying it in Ireland. We’ll see it a bit later.

  5. If we could, we would stand on the sidelines and cheer as you run by. Have a wonderful tomorrow and a fun run.

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