3 pics

walking to the beach
Patricia, Roberta & Bruce heading to the beach.
morning across the Dingle Bay
this is what we see . . . but part of its beauty is how ever changing it is.
morning light
took this picture right after the other one . . . same time, such different light.



Published by philandpatricia

we live in Northport, MI

One thought on “3 pics

  1. Isaac finally found me, He has socked me in here in”Bangor Maine”! I am sitting back, ” taking it easy”. And, enjoying your beautiful pictures, I am so happy that Roberta and Bruce are there safely and able to enjoy the beauty with you two! Still wish ” big Foot” could have been there! But, think about this one, It would have been a wee bit tough trying to “kiss” the Blarney Stone!!! 😉 llove and hugs to you all! Did I say I wish I was with you? Oh yes, I thought so, Now that ” Phily” is feeling better, He does not need the parish nurse!

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