Bruce & Roberta

Neighbor/friends from Sarasota arrived in Shannon yesterday.

We had a good time with them.  They are struck with the majestic beauty of this particular piece of Ireland on the Ring of Kerry.

Signal comes and goes from here (the house in Kells).  Even as I type it is on and off.

So will just post these few words before the signal fades again.

I am feeling much better.

Today we may try a hike to the top of the west side of Dunloe Gap, or maybe Valencia, or . .  .

May the light of this day sparkle within you.  May the wind of this day en-spirit you.  And may you know pause or two when you look around and are sure.

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we live in Northport, MI

4 thoughts on “Bruce & Roberta

  1. Hey you guys sounds as if Ireland has invaded your essence. It is that type of country. I remember wanting to smile all the time and say life was grand. When do you come home?
    Pat, I was thinking how grand it is you are experiencing all of this. Mary

  2. How wonderful to have friends with you to enjoy that beautiiful scenery – how different those two pictures are – like how our sunsets change every minute. Phil, so glad your cold is going away – Can’t have you miss anything in this special time. Love to you both, Fay

  3. So glad you are feeling better,Phil. Hope Patricia doesn’t get it.
    Love the beautiful pictures you are sending back to us. Keep enjoying your stay. Love you both.

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