Beach labyrinth – Rossbeigh

Labyrinths are wonderful to make and even more so to walk.

One day, I’ll take pictures of the directions given to us by Mary Meeghan as drawn by her husband, Andrew Honeyman . . . but this evening, enjoy these pictures. The beach labyrinths we have made are based on the ancient – perhaps Bronze Age – one carved in a stone found near Glendalough Valley in 1908:

Hollywood Stone

This is the Hollywood Stone . . . and, no, that is not California . . . it is Ireland!


the stone

This is the seven circuit labyrinth we have been making and walking. Stay tuned for the directions for creating them.

Rossbeigh labyrinth - 9/14/2012

Patricia about to enter the labyrinth – this one is facing west . . . . can you tell?

galloping horse - Rossbeigh

Horse and rider galloped by as I walked the labyrinth a few minutes after this picture.

sunset at Rossbeigh

This was the view from the center of the labyrinth.

labyrinth @ Rossbeigh

This labyrinth was only ever walked by Patricia and me . . . it will be gone with the tide . . . However, we were not alone.  We walked in solidarity with the old ones . . . those who designed the labyrinth and walked it long and long and long ago, and those who knew of its sacredness.

May your path shimmer with the light of God.

May your steps be grounded in the soft earth of a sandy beach.

No matter the ache of your heart, may the wash of the waves heal your wound.

And may you awake on the morrow renewed.





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  1. Donna Papenhausen September 14, 2012 at 5:10 pm



  2. We would love to walk one sometime – better yet make one and then walk it! WOW!


  3. I would love to make one…please send directions


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