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  1. I guess this means that you did not make it out to the sea today! Always tomorrow, Right?! ;-}


    1. No trip to Skellig . . . because, Owen the boat captain said, “the seas too ruff, can’t land on Skellig.” So, we went on a bit of the Ring of Kerry and then on to Blarney so Patricia could kiss the blarney stone in honor of her mum. Skellig is not likely, now . . . but will try one last time on Tuesday. Weather might be sunnier that day with a bit of a wind shift.


  2. Your pictures make it look as if you have had a lot of wind and rain. It does not seem to have slowed you down – keep on truckin.’ The rain adds to the definition of your pictures! i have so enjoyed all of them. Fay


  3. Thanks Fay . . . nope we are undaunted by the weather . . . it has been truly beautiful for us!


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