Fall Colors

Shel Silverstein penned this poem, “Colors:”

My skin is kind of sort of brownish 
Pinkish yellowish white. 
My eyes are greyish blueish green, 
But I’m told they look orange in the night. 
My hair is reddish blondish brown, 
But it’s silver when it’s wet. 
And all the colors I am inside 
Have not been invented yet.

Tonight’s post is about the colors of the Fall in Duluth, Minnesota, 2012.

It is a poem of pictures:

Patricia running on Park Point - with a bit of Fall in her hand
Patricia running with maple leaves in her hand
maple leaves
The color of fall home from a run.
phil walking the driftwood labyrinth
Phil walking the driftwood labyrinth for the last time. The labyrinth is beginning to be unrecognizable, so a bit of it became part of tonight’s bonfire.
shadows on the driftwood labyrinth
Father and son shadowed on the labyrinth on Park Point sand on the eve of the harvest full moon over Duluth, MN


pilot boat
This boat dropped off the “captain” to be the pilot of “Cinnamon” from Cyprus through the canal into Duluth harbor.
"Cinnamon" entering the Canal
Duluth harbor is accessed through a canal, under the lift bridge. Here is “Cinnamon,” now approved for entry, going into the Canal.
This sculpture overlooks the Canal from Duluth. It is titled, “Arising.”  To me it is a reminder that it takes us all to build peace.  Peace needs us, in every season of our lives., to hold hands.
gamers at Luce
Mo and Eli at the end of a longish day awaiting their salads at Pizza Luce.  Grandchildren are gift!
harvest full moon - Duluth
Street lights and the full-moon-rising-over-Lake-Superior, Duluth, MN, 9/30/2012
2012 harvest moon - Duluth
Patricia taking a picture of the harvest full moon as it rises over the waters of Lake Superior, end of September, 2012.
bonfire - 1520 Minnesota Ave
Tonight’s bonfire . . . ummmmmm warm and vibrant and beautiful and graceful . . . it could bring a person to tears.

May the moon’s fullness fill you with awe.

May it’s liquid flow wash over you with grace.

May your tears empty and replenish you.

May you awaken to beauty on the morrow.

May your breath be as vibrant as the colors of fall.

May you be emboldened each step of your way.

May we, and others . . . together . . . find our way to peace.












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One thought on “Fall Colors

  1. thanks for bringing us fall colors! even though I love living in Florida, there are lots of good autumn memories to call upon when needed. Joan

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