A kinder way

Writing about aging with vibrancy, beauty, tears, and grace includes, of course, thoughts on mortality.

Here is an editorial from today’s NYT that resonates from many yeas as a hospice employee.

Let us know your thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “A kinder way

  1. Should this discussion be about money? Shouldn’t it be about humanity and compassion and choice? In Elmhurst I witnessed the suicide of two elderly people on a train track because they were dying and knew the hospitals in IL would torture them in the end and they had no power to stop it once they turned themselves over to the System.

  2. AMEN to this. You already know Barbara’s and my thoughts on dying with dignity, and our Living wills reflect this. We were lucky enough to have my father’s doctor agree to pulling the plug even though he did not have a living will. We will not be connected to a bunch of tubes when we transition from this life. God bless you both for your wonderful messages these past months. See you in Sarasota soon. Love, Alan and Barbara Meadows

  3. I fully agree. I see nothing dignified in dying with a body full of tubes and masks. My living will specifically states that I do not want heroic efforts to prolong my life when it is clearly near the end. I am looking forward to your return. Angela has been a blessing but we need you back soon!

  4. Dear Phil and Patricia, I have learned so much about myself and others through your travels and ideas on aging with vibrancy, Thank You. “The Liverpool Care Pathway for The Dying” is remarkable
    Allowing dignity and love in one’s final moments of our great lives. To be able to ponder our thoughts without interference of a mechanical nature unnecessarily. “Oh Yes”
    I believe that all insurances, whether it is medical or Homeowners insurance are really
    “strong arm” businesses. There is a better way. We as taxpayers should incorporate and design
    a new provision for the people and allow citizens to broker our own destiny. Adopt policy that is compassionate for the people like “The Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying”.
    I am sure that there are many facilities, funded by our tax dollars, which patent new pharmaceuticals in the name of BIG companies,who in turn depend on insurance companies to only allow that product to be used, all the while profiting. etc. just one example
    Engaging in conversation about mortality is difficult for most but learning to feel comfortable at some point is a terrific goal for anyone.
    Thanks for Being Curious. LiLi

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