The Pacific

The online Miriam Webster dictionary defines “majestic” as “impressively beautiful.”

The coast here at Yachats is Majestic.

sun water and rock at day's end



green hue of the the sun in a wave

water Kaaa-thumping through a narrow passageway and erupting out a blowhole

water & rocks in conversation

a more gentle conversation

soft shape of hard rock

Pacific foam

oregon seal

grandson imagining

shore bird

just another cairn

yet another labyrinth

daughter within  a Pacific labyrinth

breaking the bread
World Wide Communion Sunday – Umbuntu Sunday – Neighbors in Need Sunday – Hillsdale UCC, Portland, Oregon
Yachats coastline from the Adobe Resort Loft
This is what I am watching as this post is being created.
It is alive with earth’s majestic pulse.

May the rhythms of the earth be within you.

May your pulse be strong within you.

May you know we are one with the sky, the waves, the shore, the hungry, the widowed, the orphaned, the prisoner, the oppressed.

May you know.

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we live in Northport, MI

3 thoughts on “The Pacific

  1. Thanks for sharing that beautiful coast! I love the rocks and the many tunnels years and water have made. Eat Tillamok cheese! Lois and I had it on our trip to Jordon on the plane – small world. Fay

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