did you notice?

Wellsofwellness.org has a new look.

The site has been updated with WordPress’ Watermark Theme.

Each blog is now displayed with an image.

Scroll over any image on the home page to see the title of the post associated with that picture.  Take your time to take a look at these pictures . . . there are images that may intrigue you with perspective or surprise you with familiarity.

Click on a picture to go to the post.

This blog site is computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone and smartphone friendly.  Let us know your experience with exploring and engaging the blog.

You will find the “archives” and “links-to-other-posts-with-the-same-tag” on the right column of each post.

Leave us a comment in the “leave a reply” window at the bottom of any post.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Let us know your thoughts about Watermark with a comment on this post.

WordPress wants to know



so do we.


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we live in Northport, MI

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