takes about a hundred seconds

The new theme for our blog (watermark) will (depending on your internet speed) take a minimum of 60 seconds to download if you scroll down over each picture. . .

some are mine (some are other’s)

breathe easy . . .

the pictures are good . . .

Each one (if scrolled over and clicked on) will lead you to a blog of comments by Patricia or me.

Take the time to let them load.

They are worth it.

Click on the one(s) that intrigue you and comment.

We want to hear from you.

Ohhhhhhhh, yes!



Published by philandpatricia

we live in Northport, MI

2 thoughts on “takes about a hundred seconds

  1. I read your words for Phil again and his morning as I prepare to clos on a new house. One where Phil never lived. I’m sad. But your words are still so very good.

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