“Show up” – an invitation

Terry Gremel leads the Cancer Support Group in Northport.  She has done this for years.  Those who attend speak very favorably of the group and of Terry.  At their February meeting, Terry invited Amy Columbo, Music Therapist and Mental Health Counselor, to attend.  Some who attended spoke of Amy’s beautiful heart-reaching harp music.  Today Terry emailed this poem by Minx Boren, “Show Up,” that Amy also shared that evening.  I asked if I might share it with you and she said, “Yes.”



Show Up
not because you should
not because you must
but because of the magnitude of love
because of the magnetic force of compassion.

Show Up
because you can
because life has come knocking
and you are there to answer now
not when or then
but in the immediate potency of the call

Show Up
not because it is time or timely
not because it is easy
or tough
smooth or rough
not because it is
reasonable or not
but because this is what matters
no matter
what next

Show Up
because it feels right and real
because it makes your heart sing
or sob
because it might ache
or break
if you did not
because joy lives in the present
in your presence.

just show up.

by Minx Boren

What are your thoughts about these words?

“Life has come knocking . . . “

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