an adventure in the everglades

2012 was an unusual and awesome year in our lives. Thank you for being part of it through Our new year’s blessing for you continues the theme of this webpage: May 2013 be for you, a year of vibrancy, beauty, tears, and grace.   VIBRANCY In today’s paper, Frank Bruni’s editorial, “This New Year, seekContinue reading “an adventure in the everglades”

“. . . and so connected.”

Once, so far, since we returned to Sarasota . . . I made a labyrinth on Crescent Beach of Siesta Key.  It was easy to create with a drag of my shoes in the sand.  I walked it . . . but I don’t think anyone else did.  It will be good to make labyrinthsContinue reading ““. . . and so connected.””

Fall Colors

Shel Silverstein penned this poem, “Colors:” My skin is kind of sort of brownish  Pinkish yellowish white.  My eyes are greyish blueish green,  But I’m told they look orange in the night.  My hair is reddish blondish brown,  But it’s silver when it’s wet.  And all the colors I am inside  Have not been inventedContinue reading “Fall Colors”

bits and pieces of Everyday

We had our first run since the half (eleven days ago, now) – 30 minutes of uphill – oh joy, and then we got to run back down – glorious views – enervating run. Here are some pics to balance yesterday’s words, along with a portion of Patrick Kavanagh’s 25 page poem, The Great Hunger:

Whispering across the half-door of the mind

While in the Glendalough Valley, we wrote almost daily about there not being words for its ancient, mystical beauty and grace. On our first trip to Cahersiveen, which is the first town to the west of where we are on Kells Bay, we saw the Barracks, the remnants of an old castle, sheep, meadows, theContinue reading “Whispering across the half-door of the mind”