‘”Old’ & ‘soul’ cannot do without each other.”

This ancient critter of God’s love was captured via iPhoto today at Twin Lakes Park in Sarasota. She/he was just there. Not moving. Attentive to my presence. Yet, still. Listening. Watching. Waiting.   Must be Advent.   Anyway, the Thursday Study group at St. Andrew is reading James Hillman’s book, The Force of Character & TheContinue reading “‘”Old’ & ‘soul’ cannot do without each other.””

Building community

Aging with vibrancy, beauty, tears, and grace involves a commitment to hospitable, just, and compassionate community.  This affirmation led me to submit the following letter to the editors of the Sarasota Herald Tribune this morning.   On a recent trip home to Sarasota, I turned south from Interstate 4 onto Interstate 75.  There it was,Continue reading “Building community”

“. . . and so connected.”

Once, so far, since we returned to Sarasota . . . I made a labyrinth on Crescent Beach of Siesta Key.  It was easy to create with a drag of my shoes in the sand.  I walked it . . . but I don’t think anyone else did.  It will be good to make labyrinthsContinue reading ““. . . and so connected.””

having not yet arrived

Jana Malamud Smith’s new book, An Absorbing Errand:  How Artists and Craftsmen Make Their Way to Mastery, was published by Counterpoint Press in September.  Her title is born from a sentence in the novel, Roderick Hudson, by Henry James: “True happiness, we are told, consists in getting out of oneself; but the point is not only toContinue reading “having not yet arrived”

Commercial – Ireland recommendations

We have posted these words of Brendan Kennelly before: We step into the streets of morning Walking along the pavements of come what may Though we live in a world That thinks of ending That always seems about to give in Something that will not acknowledge conclusion Insists that we forever begin. Perhaps his wordsContinue reading “Commercial – Ireland recommendations”

God is still speaking

we believe in the ucc . . . God is still speaking:     thank you Jennifer.   Be sure to check back tomorrow for “grand” . . . “brilliant”  . . . even, commercials from our trip to Ireland.   may you know tonight that God is still speaking. may you know tonight thatContinue reading “God is still speaking”