In the post titled “Labyrinth” we included the phrase from Patrick Kavanagh, “prayering of the earth.” In that same post we spoke of looking forward to time over the next three weeks with children and grandchildren.  That time has copiously begun, even as we (at least me [phil[) a bit mistily begin our reentry post-jet-lagContinue reading “October”

Textures and tones

For the last three weeks we have been living in the home of two artists.  They are American, but have the sense and traditions of Ireland.  The house modeled on a traditional Irish cottage, but upgraded so that the amenities of the 21st century are here. The traditional crafts  decorate the floors and walls andContinue reading “Textures and tones”

Flattery laid on with the lips

Often it is Phil’s words you read here. We both agree to the post . . . but he often writes. Today it is me . . . Patricia. Yesterday we went to Blarney near Cork. We had hoped, well actually Phil had hoped, we could go to Skellig Michael, about 12k (40 minute trip)Continue reading “Flattery laid on with the lips”