Dingle Half Marathon, Dingle Ireland

Yep, we made it to the start.

bibs for the Dingle halfNo the bears did not run, we did.

We ran.  It was beautiful . . . including no rain.  Met great people.  Ran as our bodies wanted us to run . . . a 2:14ish finish.  We thought if we came in in less than 2:30 we’d be happy.  But to put it in perspective, the winning female time was 1:28 and the winning male time was 1:04 – yes this blog is about growing old with vibrancy, beauty and grace – nope we aren’t quite as fast as other times in our lives.  It was great.

Here is Patricia talking to a photographer/blogger we met.  Patricia talking to Jerry in DingleHe has a blog you could check out if you like.  Dinglepost.com.

And here I am, post race, post shower, with dry clothes and even a little bit of a stretch waiting for a slice of the very best quiche I’ve had since DublinPhil waiting for a piece of . . . well, actually, what I had in Dublin was not a quiche, it was a tart of spinach, walnuts and feta from the Queen of Tarts restaurant – some of you may know of it if you have ever heard the song “Raglan Road.”

We about to head to our Kells house after what the Irish will call a “brilliant” day.

Peace to you tonight.

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  1. Good go! Brilliant!
    Glad Patricia’s foot held up, and Phil’s great big heart.


    1. T’was brilliant, oh yes it was. Thank you Jess.


  2. We can all take a lesson on growing older gracefully. I used to run. Now I walk. I’m content. Our day is a beautiful, northwoods day with sun, light wind, and we’re about to go out on the pontoon. What a glorious world we all have.


    1. Thank you Bernie, and thanks for your reminder of the identity of the “poet” (might be a stretch of that definition) from the not too distant yore in ER.


  3. I am so pleased for you, it seems like for so long this “run” was the dream, now the reality! Awesome that u completed it, I know ” Irish eyes” were watching and keeping you safe! Tell me, was it as difficult as I found ” tingling bridge”??? 🙂 love you, nn


    1. Thank you “nn.” Every holy place we encounter tomorrow will be circled three times with you and others in need in our prayer/thoughts.


      1. I walked around the Chapel at Bowdoin three times, I thought about Portland Headlight, But, Realized it would be a “wee”bit dicy,As, some of it is totally in the ocean, sort of chilly,So, did “6” half circles! does that count? nn

  4. I was thinking about you two all day – thanks for sending pics so we could picture where you were running. Love you both!


    1. Perfect. Going past a store front today, Patricia discovered a sign about the half on Valencia Island at 12:00 noon on September 15th. Think we should run it as training for the Birkie in Cable on the 22nd? It is intriguing, to think about as a training run . . . but probably we won’t. Looking forward to time with you and others in the clan from 9/21-10/3.


  5. So happy that you two ran and so proud that you did so well. Don’t let those young kids get you down – you still have IT.Sure do miss you but grateful that your life is so full of new things – that will keep you young.
    You are all bundled up – is it cold? We are still mighty warm. Fay


  6. not really cold, by Minnesota winter standards, but it is in the low 60’s and upper 50’s most of the time. Today was sun, without rain all day long.


  7. Jill Pape, Mike -n- Linda Pape September 2, 2012 at 4:07 pm

    Hope you are enjoying Dingle, Say hello to Fungie for us.


    1. We did enjoy Dingle very much. We were told of Fungie by “Connor,” a Garda in Dublin . . . Alas we did not see the dolphin . . . Would have been great, though.


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