Dingle Half Marathon, Dingle Ireland

Yep, we made it to the start.

bibs for the Dingle halfNo the bears did not run, we did.

We ran.  It was beautiful . . . including no rain.  Met great people.  Ran as our bodies wanted us to run . . . a 2:14ish finish.  We thought if we came in in less than 2:30 we’d be happy.  But to put it in perspective, the winning female time was 1:28 and the winning male time was 1:04 – yes this blog is about growing old with vibrancy, beauty and grace – nope we aren’t quite as fast as other times in our lives.  It was great.

Here is Patricia talking to a photographer/blogger we met.  Patricia talking to Jerry in DingleHe has a blog you could check out if you like.  Dinglepost.com.

And here I am, post race, post shower, with dry clothes and even a little bit of a stretch waiting for a slice of the very best quiche I’ve had since DublinPhil waiting for a piece of . . . well, actually, what I had in Dublin was not a quiche, it was a tart of spinach, walnuts and feta from the Queen of Tarts restaurant – some of you may know of it if you have ever heard the song “Raglan Road.”

We about to head to our Kells house after what the Irish will call a “brilliant” day.

Peace to you tonight.

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13 thoughts on “Dingle Half Marathon, Dingle Ireland

  1. We can all take a lesson on growing older gracefully. I used to run. Now I walk. I’m content. Our day is a beautiful, northwoods day with sun, light wind, and we’re about to go out on the pontoon. What a glorious world we all have.

  2. I am so pleased for you, it seems like for so long this “run” was the dream, now the reality! Awesome that u completed it, I know ” Irish eyes” were watching and keeping you safe! Tell me, was it as difficult as I found ” tingling bridge”??? 🙂 love you, nn

      1. I walked around the Chapel at Bowdoin three times, I thought about Portland Headlight, But, Realized it would be a “wee”bit dicy,As, some of it is totally in the ocean, sort of chilly,So, did “6” half circles! does that count? nn

    1. Perfect. Going past a store front today, Patricia discovered a sign about the half on Valencia Island at 12:00 noon on September 15th. Think we should run it as training for the Birkie in Cable on the 22nd? It is intriguing, to think about as a training run . . . but probably we won’t. Looking forward to time with you and others in the clan from 9/21-10/3.

  3. So happy that you two ran and so proud that you did so well. Don’t let those young kids get you down – you still have IT.Sure do miss you but grateful that your life is so full of new things – that will keep you young.
    You are all bundled up – is it cold? We are still mighty warm. Fay

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