a couple pics from a day in Ireland

sunrise - Kells Bay
This was the color that began our day


yarn bin - Kerry Woolen Mill
full bin of purple yarn at the Kerry Woolen Mills

We got to The Kerry Woolen Mills.  Great fun.

Then to a “pharmacy” in Killarny where I got some Sudafed.  Some relief of congestion.  Thanks be.

Then went to St. Mary’s Cathedral and lit some candles and prayed for people in need.

Then had some lunch which was good and included an animated, delightful conversation withe the restaurant window washer named, Joe.

Then to the Gap of Dunloe . . . so beautiful.  Third generation “trap” driver took us up with his Clydesdale named, Barbie.

Then home to Kells as the rain and fog came in.  A few moments of sunshine though, afforded us a magnificent arc of bright rainbow.  A good omen for us and for Bruce and Roberta who are traveling from Sarasota tonight to be with us here for a week.

Well, you’ll just have to imagine a lovely flower, a pic of the 300 year old mill building, their calm and easy old white dog, us driving the “trap”, the gap of Dunloe, John our guide/driver and his horse Barbie,  a goat and a sheep, vibrant beautiful gracious color.

May you be sure you are loved tonight.  May you be bold in your love tomorrow.  May you be surprised by love often and often.







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