driftwood labyrinth

Our time in Duluth has been filled with family and food and fun.

When we first got here, I attempted to make a labyrinth in the Park Point sand – but it is too soft to carve as we carved the labyrinths in Ireland on the beach that was cleared each night by the tide and therefore much wetter and more firm.

So last evening I began to gather driftwood.  Today I gathered more and finished a driftwood labyrinth.  Thank you Mary Meighan & Andrew Honeyman for teaching us the simplicity of this creative meditation.

pathway to the beach

driftwood labyrinth

Patricia and Eli walking the labyrinth

Eli in the labyrinth with a puppy who stopped by for a visit

beautiful, clear Lake Superior

a blue sky sort of day

May the joy of the morning be gracious.
May the work of the day be nurturing.
May the calm of the evening be beautiful.
May the rest of the night bring renewal.

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4 thoughts on “driftwood labyrinth

  1. We have been following your “Wells of wellness” with anticipations.We try to imagine what you have experienced,and we feel the spirituality and love you express.
    You have given us wonder, adventure, beauty and so much more.

    Thank you,and
    Thanks be to God

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