Sony NEX

Did you ever have fear?

Did you ever have fear of something happening . . . and then it did?

Not long before the beginning of this magnificent time of sabbatical made possible by St. Andrew UCC and the Lilly Endowment, Patricia and I and a couple of others had lunch with a St. A member in St. Petersburg whose name is Virginia.

Post-lunch, we were all in the car, and I was pulling out of the lot, when our waiter appeared at the window of the car waving a camera and asking, “Is this yours?”

It was mine.

I had taken a few pictures at lunch and then left the camera on the table.


What a great wait person!

From that day onward I have had a small fear that I would lose the NEX somewhere.

It happened a couple nights ago.

Here at this house.


Perhaps the camera will yet be found.

I hope so.

In the mean time I took a few pics from my iPhone . . . they aren’t very good . . .  but here they are to let you know we are well.

I do still hope to find the camera somewhere.

I am very sad.


I am very happy,

to be here with family by the the great Lake Superior.

It is beautiful!

Ahhh, the contradictions . . .

Noah with Izzy and Red
Here is Noah on the shore of Lake Superior with two dogs and an international boat anchored in the distance, as it awaits permission to enter the port of Duluth.
almost full moon
This is the September moon, almost full over Lake Superior.
Katie and Red swimming
Katie and Red swimming the chilly waters of Lake Superior on the eve of an almost full moon. Wow!

May you know the love of God tonight, wherever you are, under the beam of an almost full moon.

May cool waters invigorate you.

May life’s contradictions, like sadness and happiness, be woven boldly in the fabric of who you are.

May the lost be found.

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8 thoughts on “Sony NEX

  1. Just got to our annual meeting – a 4 or so hour drive away – and uneventful for our family. But arrived to the news that a wonderful colleague was hit by a car just before we arrived and life-flited back to Portland. Still awaiting word. so also carrying life’s contradictions tonite. Sorry about your camera – hope it turns up soooon!

  2. I am also sad about the camera, I say ” The” camera, Not “your” camera, I believe you are an amazing camera, You have a filter that that has guided us throughout your Journey, Oh Yes, Don’t get me wrong, the many and I mean “Many” pictures (try printing them all out!) were so awesome, But, Your words were like magic, Giving such a visual, I felt like I also walked the Labyrinth with the two of you, If I would get lost your words brought me back! My passport does not have an Ireland stamp, But my heart certainly has been stamped! Waiting for the next blog! “Oh yes” Camera, Find your way home,You have a special friend missing you!

  3. Susann’s right–your eyes and your words have given us a whole trip. But about the camera–a practical question…did you download all the photos we haven’t seen onto your iPad? Hope so. The camera will be found. And, fortunately, Duluth is close; there must be a camera store there. Should you find a replacement and then find your original camera, then maybe we can strike a deal on one or the other.

    But from the emotional platform, I can feel how devastated you must be. Losing the friend that helps you carry us all through the places and spaces you’ve been is a loss whose depth is unnameable.

  4. Oh Phil, I am sorry you lost your camera but I just feel it will show up.
    And doesn’t the brillance of Autumn make you weak at the knees?

  5. I’m so sorry, Phil – I trust it will show up. I have a little mantra that I go over and over in my head when I have lost or misplaced something – Jesus, open mine eyes that I may see/find. It has helped so many times, probably because I relax knowing I have a Helper in my quest to find it. Thank you and Patricia for the gifts you have shared with us on this journey.

  6. The camera WILL show up – it won’t leave you now after all you’ve been through together, for you and for all at St. Andrew. We “almost” feel like we were there with you -BUT we can feel your loss. Thanks for ALL your sharing.

  7. I understand, As all have said-You will find it!! Read Susann’s post again-so true. Your poetic way f writing has transported all of us with you.

  8. Just back from Pittsburgh and saw that you have a not-found camera. i hope it showed up as you were packeing for Oregoon. That camera has meant so much to all of us with whom you have shared this great experience.. May the lost be found – just like people we pray for. Fay

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