St. Kevin – born 498 – died 618 AD

Another beautiful day in our lives . . . and in our pilgrimage at Glendalough with Mary Meighan.  The first two days of our time with her were spent in learning about some of the threads in the fabric of Celtic Spirituality.  She has said so much to us, here are some samples of thingsContinue reading “St. Kevin – born 498 – died 618 AD”

12 hours – 8/21/2012

This valley of Glendalough in Ireland has been for centuries, is now, and will be long and long into the future, a “thin place.”  Here in this valley the “past and the future are present,” says Mary Meighan.  It is a “thin place” for those from history and for those of us here right now.Continue reading “12 hours – 8/21/2012”

The Ireland pilgrimage is now on retreat with Mary Meighan

We are here in beautiful Glendalough.  No Wifi in our cottage – so contact with you over the next many days will be limited . . . but with ourselves, each other, Mary, and this remarakable place on earth and its residents . . . oh, for us the contact will be enhanced. Having dinnerContinue reading “The Ireland pilgrimage is now on retreat with Mary Meighan”

Sunday faces from Dublin, August 19, 2012

We went to church today at St. Augustine & St. John Catholic Church in Dublin . . . well, actually we got there for the consecration and the eucharist . . . missed the sermon (go figure) . . . ’cause . . . well . . .  I thought (from my internet research) thatContinue reading “Sunday faces from Dublin, August 19, 2012”

“Ah, but there are things and things . . .”

The words for the title to this post are from the book Twenty Years A-Growing, and are spoken by Maurice to his grandfather, after Maurice was asked if he believed in something he had not seen while on the mainland for a day of fun away from the Great Blasket Island.  The grandfather says, “No doubt itContinue reading ““Ah, but there are things and things . . .””

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

Yesterday, we went to a few old churches in Dublin.  Among them was St. Patrick’s.         Somehow it seemed right, here in the homeland of my heritage, to light a candle in honor of those from my family who have died:  Tom, Eileen, Kathleen, Nancy and brother-in-law Tom.  I miss them.  TheContinue reading “St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin”


To be “sated.” I always thought “to be sated” meant to be full to the excess . . . like that very much too much feeling of food and tiredness associated (for me) with Thanksgiving. When I checked it just now, I discovered, it can also mean “to satisfy fully.” I like that. That’s how weContinue reading “sated”


Just tried to figure out how to get a youtube video here for you to listen. Alas, I am not that smart, I guess. Anyway, It would have been John Lennon signing “Imagine” in (what year was this recorded?) with Ono along for the song . . . Since I couldn’t do it, you canContinue reading ““Imagine””

Celtic form of Christianity

Within the pages of a book, “Mysterious World:  Ireland” published in 2006 and written by Ian Middleton & Douglas Elwell is this particular page of words: The Irish “Celtic” form of Christianity as it evolved in Ireland was unique in that it was both monastic and ruggedly individualistic in character.  It also sought, instead of overruling and controlling,Continue reading “Celtic form of Christianity”