One misty moisty morning

Patricia’s and my thoughts are with the family of Carl, whose life was savored at a celebration of life today.  A lively, laughing, loving, and loved husband, father, grandfather.  A good friend.  An excellent doctor.  A voracious reader.  He taught himself to weld.  He was a pilot.  He was captivated by the water, by sailing, by fly-fishing.  He loved dessert.  There is more grace in my life for the privilege of knowing Carl and his family.

Perhaps it is the privilege of hearing stories of him, some recent and many from long and long ago.   Perhaps it is having just begun a period in my life when there is more time for sleep.  Perhaps it is the phase of the full moon, now waning.  Perhaps it is . . . . oh . . . who knows.

Anyway each day this week, I have remembered the sight, sound, taste, and feel of other times in my life.  They have played out within me in living color, the pores of memory opening like a bud.  They arrive, almost on a single inhale, as though for a moment the air is laden with a lightness that is an invitation into spacious rooms of memory.Continue reading “One misty moisty morning”

Are you packed yet?

Wish I had kept track of the number of times we have been asked, “Are you packed yet?” over the last several months.


We’re not packed yet . . . but have begun to think about it.

Angela Wells arrived in Sarasota and our home on Tuesday, so we have been enjoying getting to know her as she begins her ministry at St. Andrew and her life on Cass St.

Ohhhh, and we have been watching some of the Olympics.Continue reading “Are you packed yet?”


Been wondering tonight what happens to all the pictures in our memory from the stuff we encounter in a day.

You know, the smell of fresh brewed coffee, the look of milk being poured onto your cereal, the lovely feel of a hug from the one who loves you and who you love, the sharpness of the red pencil in your hand (with a well-worn-eraser) used for the crossword puzzle from the Sarasota Herald Tribune, the whelming warmth of a July Sarasota sun during an all-too-warm-late-morning-long-run over to Honore from here, the conversations with an Apple techie as he guides you into syncing your Apple lives with your newly gifted iPad (thank you women and men of St. Andrew), emails with Jeff and Ed and Jeanne and Nicole.

What happens to all these snapshots from a day in our lives?Continue reading “Images”


Wikipedia says:

The word synod comes from the Greek σύνοδος meaning “assembly”  . . .

By that definition . . .

this is a synod . . .Patricia and the Sandhills

Looks like one member of the synod is full of joy . . .

and . . .

well . . .

five others are heading East.

Actually, at this “synod” there was no theological or doctrinal discussion. All that was heard was an occasional raucous voicing from one sandhill or the other, the sounds of Patricia’s laughter, along with the chatter of Bruce, Roberta,Bruce & Roberta along with Roberta's delicious rice and beansand. . . wellContinue reading “Synod”

Two Prayers

Linn Possell, linn the wonderful consultant on Aging and Spirituality, who has been working with St. Andrew UCC this year suggested that people of the church and Patricia and I would strengthen our connection with each other by sharing in a common, daily, spiritual practice.

We agree.

So we offer you these two prayers, should you be so inclined, for each morning and evening from August 1, 2012 through October 31, 2012.  Wherever we are, we will pray these prayers.  Who can say what vibrancy, beauty, grace might come from this shared practice!Continue reading “Two Prayers”


This cardinal and its mate are around our yard often.  Am not sure where they are nested, but it must be somewhere close.  One morning last week the car, parked as it was in the driveway, was laden with the drops of rain from a fairly heavy rain during the night.  The sun’s light was clear in its early morning brightness.  The raindrops on the car seemed alive in a sparkling, almost dancing, glisten.  There on the roof of the car, in the midst of the drops, sat this cardinal.

red cardinal in our yard
cardinal in the yard – photo with new sony nex – telephoto lens


He and his mate always give me pause.

Through them

I am reminded

to give thanks


“small things.”


through them,

I am reminded of a poem,


by Jan L. Richardson

as published in her book,

In the Sanctuary of Women:Continue reading “Plentitude”

A change of mind and a change of heart

jack playing his sax - stewart hall
Jack playing his sax

Did you ever notice how some people smile with their whole face and especially their eyes?

Some time ago I visited Jack Meehan. He was born in a “t’ached cot’age” in Ireland more than 80 years ago. He is, among other things, a saxophonist and trumpeter. I visited him on the 10th floor of Sarasota Memorial Hospital where he was “rehabbing” from a medical issue. He is the father of Bridget Mary Meehan (Bishop within the Roman Catholic Women Priests movement) who celebrates Mass at St. Andrew UCC. It is a privilege to know this father/daughter!Continue reading “A change of mind and a change of heart”