Dingle Half Marathon, Dingle Ireland

Yep, we made it to the start. No the bears did not run, we did. We ran.  It was beautiful . . . including no rain.  Met great people.  Ran as our bodies wanted us to run . . . a 2:14ish finish.  We thought if we came in in less than 2:30 we’d beContinue reading “Dingle Half Marathon, Dingle Ireland”

just a little run in the hills

No internet yet at our lovely home in Kells of County Kerry, so we are at Caitin’s Pub for a bit to check email and write a little to you. Spectacular day here.  Great day of sun.  Nary a drop of rain. This is the view across Dingle Bay from the home we will inhabitContinue reading “just a little run in the hills”

circles of stone

Today, in solidarity with those of you in Isaac’s way, we’ve had rain and then some more rain, well, and maybe a bit more rain after that. Lovely, really. The River Glendasan has nine very large rocks across it (bolders actually) from our stone cottage to the road that leads to the Hotel Glendalough aboutContinue reading “circles of stone”

free of me

Yesterday we learned of Tropical Storm Isaac.  We prayed for all people in Isaac’s way.  And we prayed again today.  We will pray again tomorrow.  And the day after that too. Mary guided us to the labyrinth again. It is the way we begin each of our times together. Then we spent time in theContinue reading “free of me”

St. Kevin – born 498 – died 618 AD

Another beautiful day in our lives . . . and in our pilgrimage at Glendalough with Mary Meighan.  The first two days of our time with her were spent in learning about some of the threads in the fabric of Celtic Spirituality.  She has said so much to us, here are some samples of thingsContinue reading “St. Kevin – born 498 – died 618 AD”

12 hours – 8/21/2012

This valley of Glendalough in Ireland has been for centuries, is now, and will be long and long into the future, a “thin place.”  Here in this valley the “past and the future are present,” says Mary Meighan.  It is a “thin place” for those from history and for those of us here right now.Continue reading “12 hours – 8/21/2012”

The Ireland pilgrimage is now on retreat with Mary Meighan

We are here in beautiful Glendalough.  No Wifi in our cottage – so contact with you over the next many days will be limited . . . but with ourselves, each other, Mary, and this remarakable place on earth and its residents . . . oh, for us the contact will be enhanced. Having dinnerContinue reading “The Ireland pilgrimage is now on retreat with Mary Meighan”


We leave Dublin this morning by way of St. Kevin’s bus: We’ll be at this cottage owned by Liam and Zell Conway until 8/29/2012.  Not sure how the wifi will be there, but will post as/when it is possible. We begin our eight days of retreat with Mary Meighan today at 2:00. Bye, bye DublinContinue reading “Glendalough”

Sunday faces from Dublin, August 19, 2012

We went to church today at St. Augustine & St. John Catholic Church in Dublin . . . well, actually we got there for the consecration and the eucharist . . . missed the sermon (go figure) . . . ’cause . . . well . . .  I thought (from my internet research) thatContinue reading “Sunday faces from Dublin, August 19, 2012”