Much might have been different

In the July, 2012, issue of “The Sun”, on “The Dog-Eared Page”, is this quote from C.G. Jung.  It is excerpted from Memories, Dreams, Reflections by Jung as edited by Aniela Jaffe, translated by Richard & Clara Wnston and published again and again and again by Random House.             I am satisfied with the courseContinue reading “Much might have been different”

Geography more than genes

When we went to Howth, there was a woman selling used books in an old single- room building.  We went in and came out heavier.  Among the books we acquired was a spiral bound road map.  It has been invaluable.  Another, the weightiest at 514 pages (we planned to leave it to you Tad andContinue reading “Geography more than genes”

grateful for the week

Bruce and Roberta have been here with us for most of a week.  Today we left them at the hotel at the Shannon airport so they could catch an early flight tomorrow back to the US. As they leave to return home, may they travel safely.  May their minds be full of the scenes andContinue reading “grateful for the week”

Love’s doorway to life

Today our travels took us back to the Dingle Peninsula so Bruce and Roberta could experience Dingle and beyond.  Among the treasures we encountered was the Dingle Music Shop. Conversation led to conversation which led to conversation.  Eventually Caitriona asked Michael if he would play a bit for us on his button box.  This isContinue reading “Love’s doorway to life”

eat ’em fresh

On a beautiful walk in the Ireland sun we picked blackberries yesterday. On line, I came across this poem by Seamus Heaney: “Blackberry Picking” can be found in Opened Ground: Selected Poems 1966-1996. Heaney, born in 1939, won the Nobel Prize in 1995. According to his Nobel biography, he grew up as a country boyContinue reading “eat ’em fresh”

a couple pics from a day in Ireland

  We got to The Kerry Woolen Mills.  Great fun. Then to a “pharmacy” in Killarny where I got some Sudafed.  Some relief of congestion.  Thanks be. Then went to St. Mary’s Cathedral and lit some candles and prayed for people in need. Then had some lunch which was good and included an animated, delightfulContinue reading “a couple pics from a day in Ireland”

recovery day

Several pictures from a recovery day after the Dingle half marathon. Leisurely day for us today.  Phil has a bit of a cold and a sore throat and I am a little sore myself from yesterday’s run.  We did laundry and other mundane things, then we went to the next town to find a pharmacyContinue reading “recovery day”