a couple pics from a day in Ireland

  We got to The Kerry Woolen Mills.  Great fun. Then to a “pharmacy” in Killarny where I got some Sudafed.  Some relief of congestion.  Thanks be. Then went to St. Mary’s Cathedral and lit some candles and prayed for people in need. Then had some lunch which was good and included an animated, delightfulContinue reading “a couple pics from a day in Ireland”

recovery day

Several pictures from a recovery day after the Dingle half marathon. Leisurely day for us today.  Phil has a bit of a cold and a sore throat and I am a little sore myself from yesterday’s run.  We did laundry and other mundane things, then we went to the next town to find a pharmacyContinue reading “recovery day”

Dingle Half Marathon, Dingle Ireland

Yep, we made it to the start. No the bears did not run, we did. We ran.  It was beautiful . . . including no rain.  Met great people.  Ran as our bodies wanted us to run . . . a 2:14ish finish.  We thought if we came in in less than 2:30 we’d beContinue reading “Dingle Half Marathon, Dingle Ireland”

a dozen pictures

We made it in a very leisurely fashion from Kells to Dingle.  We stopped along the route of Ring of Kerry to take pictures and enjoy.  Here are some pictures, one from Dublin, one from last night, and the rest from today. The Dingle Marathon (there is a full marathon, a half marathon, and anContinue reading “a dozen pictures”

just a little run in the hills

No internet yet at our lovely home in Kells of County Kerry, so we are at Caitin’s Pub for a bit to check email and write a little to you. Spectacular day here.  Great day of sun.  Nary a drop of rain. This is the view across Dingle Bay from the home we will inhabitContinue reading “just a little run in the hills”

circles of stone

Today, in solidarity with those of you in Isaac’s way, we’ve had rain and then some more rain, well, and maybe a bit more rain after that. Lovely, really. The River Glendasan has nine very large rocks across it (bolders actually) from our stone cottage to the road that leads to the Hotel Glendalough aboutContinue reading “circles of stone”